Army of Ukraine closed ring around estuary

The Armed Forces of Ukraine took the Russian group in the estuary in the “boiler”. The American Institute for War Study (ISW) in its summary of events at the front on September 29 quotes the numerous messages of Russian “military bloggers” that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had almost completed the surroundings of the estuary, writes BBC.

The institute experts, citing the data of popular Russian telegram channels, write that Ukrainian troops broke through the defense and managed to block the road that remained the last way to supply the army of the Russian Federation in the estuary. Correspondents call the situation in this area “extremely complex”.

Another blogger is quoted in the ISW report, according to which the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Liman from three sides are conducted. This source also writes that the road from the city to Svatovo is blocked.

Senior employee of the Institute of Foreign Policy in Washington, Rob Li (is not related to the institution of studying war) about the situation in the estuary that “pocket”, “probably can collapse tonight or tomorrow, which will throw a shadow to an announcement of annexation.” (Whether the signing of the Treaty on the “accession” to Russia four regions of Ukraine: Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya; Putin’s performance on this subject and a rally on Red Square – approx. BBC).

is referred for Friday.

In the opinion, “Russia is faced with a lack of manpower and a lack of reserves in the Donbass.” “If she loses strength in the Liman pocket, this can lead to further advancement of Ukraine deep into the Donbass,” the military expert said.