Arrestovich about return of Crimea

Advisor to the office of the president Aleksey Armorovich on the air with the Russian oppositionist Mark Feigin called “it is quite possible” the return of Crimea to Ukraine in six months.

As Arrestovich noted, Crimea is an extremely uncomfortable and vulnerable object to keep in defense.

“There are objective laws of military realities, let’s say, and if they use them correctly, then neither the Martians, nor the Americans, nor the Americans with the Chinese will keep Crimea. If everything is done correctly. Crimea is a very vulnerable object to keep in defense is extremely vulnerable And it is extremely inconvenient. There, all this Crimea is the Crimean bridge, which is already not very good. This is a supply of ships. We can imagine what will happen to these ships when our “harpoons” and “Neptune” at the distance of the blow are suitable. But they are suitable, and faster than many people think, ”explained Armovich.