Arrests of Azerbaijani activists in Iran: Human rights activists appealed to UN and Amnesty International

The group of human rights activists, members of the acting in Azerbaijan Joint Human Rights Working Group, appealed to the UN Committee on Human Rights and the organization Amnesty International in connection with the recent arrest of activists in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The appeal says: “We are a group of human rights activists, members of the Joint Human Rights Working Group works in Azerbaijan, are concerned by the fate of the activists who were arrested recently in the Islamic Republic of Iran


… The second Karabakh war, which started September 27, 2020 and lasted for 44 days, was greeted with enthusiasm by citizens of Azerbaijani origin Iran. 12 activists welcomed the release of Azerbaijan’s land after 30 years, held a rally in Jiraiya park in Ardebil in support of the Azerbaijani army and to protest against Armenia’s assistance to Iran.

9 October 2021 the city of Ardabil court sentenced the activists during the protest were beaten and arrested by the security forces of the Iranian regime, to 180 months in prison and 888 lashes.

Hussein Balakhani, Asker Akperzade, Mostafa Pervin, Morteza Parvin, Mojtaba Pervin, Hamed Geidari Mohammed Cholani, Sobhan Bekhshi Mehdi Hushmend, Behmen Heyrchu and Sedzhad Cholani were found guilty under Article 607 of the fifth volume of the Criminal Code and Iran on charges of disobedience law enforcement officers sentenced to 7 months and 16 days on charges of disturbing public order to 7 months and 16 days in prison and 74 lashes. Moreover, Asker Akperzade was fined on charges of causing injury to a police officer. They were arrested and temporarily released and activists who in recent days held shares in various cities of South Azerbaijan, and Tehran.

We, human rights defenders of Azerbaijan, strongly condemn the use of the security forces of physical abuse and torture of activists during the recent actions in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the inhumane treatment of them and their arrest as a violation of human rights, demand their immediate release and we ask you to support

our appeal. ”

appeal was signed by chairman of the Society of protection of the rights of women im.D.Alievoy Novella Jafarov, chairman of the Bureau of protection of human rights and the law Gojamanli Saeed, the head of the Azerbaijani branch of the International Human Rights Organization Saadat Bananyarli, chairman of the Society for Humanitarian Studies Avaz Hasanov, chairman of the Azerbaijan National Committee Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Arzu Abdullayeva, chairman of the Azerbaijan human rights center Eldar Zeynalov, coordinator of the Azerbaijani center for human rights program Zaliha Tahirova and chairman of the Organization for protection of oil Workers rights Mirvari Gahramanli.