As part of Teknofest this year, competitions will be held in 46 categories

as part of the Teknofest Aviation, Cosmos and Technology festival, which will be held this year in Turkish Adan, competitions in 46 main categories and 117 subcategories will be organized.

According to the Anadolu agency, the organizers of the world’s largest cosmos, aviation and technology festival are the Turkish Technological Team (T3) Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey.

In addition to competitions and competitions, the festival program will include air show, concerts, discussions and many other entertainment events.

The purpose of the event is to increase interest in society in society and awareness about the achievements of Turkey in the development and production of novation technologies.

In 2018 and 2019, Teknofest was held in Istanbul, in 2020 in Gaziantep, in 2021, Istanbul, in 2022 – Samsun and the capital of Azerbaijan, the city of Baku, and last year – in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

This year, the slogan of the Festival “Your Future Together with Teknofest” Persons to the festival, who will demonstrate high results at prestigious competitions, will be provided with a premium of 30 million lires and funds for material support in the amount of more than 55 million lyre.

The list of categories of competitions in the festival program expands year from year. This year, these are various categories from the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, environmentally friendly and energy technologies to the design of jet engines and the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

In six years, millions of guests visited the festival site. So, in 2018, 550 thousand people visited Teknofest. Over 20 thousand people submitted applications for participation, 750 teams were selected for participation, more than 2 thousand people became finalists.

In 2019, Teknofest supported 53 partnerships. If in 2018 the competitions were organized in 14 categories, then in 2019 their number already reached 19. Over 50 thousand people, more than 2 thousand teams and 10 thousand people became finalists. The festival site was visited by 1 million 720 thousand people.

In 2020, competitions were held in 21 categories. The application for participation was filed by over 100 thousand people from the entire territory of Turkey, as well as from 84 countries of the world. The event was held without visitors due to coronavirus restrictions.

In 2021, 72 partnership organizations provided support for Teknofest 2021. Competitions were held in 35 categories. Over 200 thousand people from Turkey and 111 countries of the world submitted the application. The festival received 1 million guests.

In 2022, competitions in 40 categories were held as part of the festival. Over 600 thousand people from Turkey and 107 countries of the world submitted an application for participation. The number of finalists teams amounted to more than 5 960. The festival was visited by 1 million 250 thousand people.