Aselsan seeks to increase export of air defense systems

The Turkish military-industrial complex seeks to increase its export potential, including at the expense of domestic air defense systems, which have already been adopted by the Turkish Armed Forces.

The flagship of the Turkish defense industry – Aselsan presented its developments at the International Exhibition of Defense and Safety equipment (DSEI -2023) in London. Among the samples presented on the DSEI -2023 – air defense systems, communications, security, radio electronic warfare, and ATKZHE Electro -optical solutions.

In an interview with Anadolu, Aselsan General Akhmet Akjale, said that DSEI is one of the leading world exhibitions, on the site of which professionals are gathering.

According to him, the presence of Aselsan at the exhibition with its ambitious products has become an important achievement for Turkey.

At the same time, the general director noted the importance of air defense systems, which, against the background of an ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine, have become particularly important.

“Air Defense Systems became the subject of close attention not only all over the world, but also at the exhibition site. We first presented the Korkut Air Defense System on the international site for the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces,” Aquel said.

According to him, along with Korkut, the Hi̇sar, Sİper air defense and the systems supplementing them to combat drones are also represented.

At this stage, Turkey relies on its products in the field of air defense systems. Negotiations are already underway and the export of these products with international, friendly and union countries is being discussed, ”the general director said.

According to him, recently, observation systems have also gained great importance. And in this regard, we first presented the GözDe guidance system on the international site. In addition, a new version of the remote control system was first presented abroad – SARP, the general director added.