Ashotan: Armenia is a political misunderstanding. This is not a state, but habitat

“We have no more state. Armenia is just an alphabetical pointer.”

On this page in the social network, the chairman of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Armen Ashotyan was written.

“An indisputable fact – we have no more state. Armenia is just an alphabetic pointer, a ritual detail, a political misunderstanding in the list of UN member countries in Latinia somewhere between” Argentina “and” Australia “. We no longer have States, and not only about the fault of the Citulyant. The reason is much deeper. States are created by nations. We have no longer the Republic of Armenia, because we do not have an Armenian nation. Instead of the nation today by 29,000 square meters. Km lives the Armenian population, biological population. And populations There may not have states, at best, the range. In other words, Armenians are no longer political creatures, but an ethnographic subspecies, which will be very soon in the Red Book. And there are no states, because the people created him simply disappeared, “wrote a .Astroan.