Askar Akayev: United States arranged a revolution in Kyrgyzstan

In Almaty, at the invitation of the Kazakh side, the former president of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev is on a visit. At the intellectual evening “Live in the era of change” he said that, in his opinion, the United States arranged a revolution in 2005 in Kyrgyzstan, writes

Askar Akayev’s visit to Kazakhstan is scheduled from June 19 to 25. On June 20, Akayev visited Almau (Almaty University Management). During the conversation, Akayev recalled his presidency. He stated that in the 90s Kyrgyzstan had a good rate of development, but problems appeared in the 2000s. And he emphasized that he considers the United States guilty in the coup.

“I openly tell about this, because the US Ambassador Mr. Young is completely open, especially after revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine, said that the states organized coups. The question is that I mentioned a mistake, having left. Many They say that it was necessary to stay here. But, since I knew that bloodshed was being prepared, I decided that I could not connect my name with bloodshed. I decided to leave the country and I would not regret it, ”said Akayev.

Akayev, along with his family, left Kyrgyzstan after his overthrow during the “Tulip Revolution” in March 2005, lives in Moscow.