At initiative of Buta Supply, about 3,000 trees were planted in Zangilan

In the city of Zangilan in honor of the past 2 years with a 44-day Patriotic War and in memory of the Shehids on September 27, a landscaping action was held.

The promotion of the company BUTA SUPPLY was attended by a special representative of the President of Azerbaijan in the Zangilan district Vakhid Gadzhiev, chairman of the State Agency for Citizens and Social Innovation under the President of Azerbaijan (ASAN HIDMət) Ulvi Mechtiev, representatives of law enforcement agencies and the district district public, employees of the company Buta Supply.

During the landscaping action, about 3,000 trees were planted, in particular, cypresses, olives, Eldar pine and other types of trees.

Buta Supply noted that the action was also held in order to restore the environmental balance on lands, which have been subjected to vandalism for 30 years, as well as support for the state in restoration work.