Attacked Salman Rushdi will receive reward from Iranian Fund

Iranian Foundation named after Imam Khomeini promised to reward a man who attempted the writer Salman Rushdi. Reuters, citing Iranian television, reports that as a reward they will give him a plot of agricultural land at 1000 sq.m (0.1 ha).

“We sincerely thank for the brave act of a young American who made Muslims happy, having deprived Rushdi’s eyes and hands,” said the secretary of the Mohammad Ismail Zarei Foundation, calling the writer a “living dead”. Zarei also noted that both the attacker himself and his legal representative could receive a reward.

75-year-old British writer Salman Rushdi was attacked during a performance at a literary event in New York in August 2022. A 24-year-old Muslim from New Jersey Hadi Matar inflicted several blows to the writer with a knife. Rushdi survived, but lost his eyes, in addition, his hand was paralyzed. The attacker was detained on the spot.

Rushdi is from a family of Indian Muslims. In 1988, he published the novel “Satanic Poems”, which in the Islamic world was called blasphemous. Soon after, the then leader of Iran Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini published a fatwa calling for the murder of Rushdi.