Austrians are delighted with Azerbaijani Institute of Food Safety

In the laboratories of the Azerbaijani Institute of Food Safety (AQTİ) with high professionalism, the most advanced world practices are used. This was stated by Thomas Kikinger, Executive Director of the Austrian Agency for the Protection of Health and Food Safety, during the inspecting of the laboratories Aqti̇.

He noted that studies are conducted in laboratories created in AQTI with high professionalism: “I can say that the most advanced methods are used in this laboratory. We use the same methods and equipment in Austria. These are excellent opportunities and this is, of course it makes a great impression. I think that perfect equipment and methods are used here. “

Kikinger noted that the activities of such laboratories are of great importance in ensuring the country’s food security: “I hope that in the future we will be able to work closely, given that we are working in one direction. Therefore, we intend to expand the possibilities of cooperation in laboratories and exchanging experience.