AX-3 mission with Turkish astronaut Alper Goseravja will leave ISS tomorrow

The AXIOM-3 Space, piloted mission (AX-3) of which also includes the Turkish astronaut Alper Goseravji, on Saturday, on February 3 will leave the International Space Station (ISS).

According to the Anadolu agency with reference to the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey, on Friday, February 2, at 17.50, in Turkish time, the AX-3 crew on the ISS will organize a farewell ceremony. The ceremony will be broadcast live on the pages of the Axiom Space on social networks.

It is expected that the Goseravjs and the rest of the crew will leave the ISS on Saturday, at 14.00 in Turkish time. The path to the ground will take 12 hours.

It is expected that the planned landing will be carried out at one of the seven potential points of landing located in the Atlantic Ocean east of the American Florida and in the Mexican Gulf to the west of the state.

January 18, at 16.49 local time, USA (00.49 January 19) from the Kennedy cosmodrome in Florida successfully launched the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft.

After a space trip, which lasted about 36 hours, a ship with the AX-3 crew, including the first Turkish astronaut of Goseravja, was attached to the ISS at 13.42.

The AX-3 crew includes Michael Lopez Alegria (USA), Wilter Villadei (Italy), Marcus Wandt (Sweden) and Alpere Hezeravji.

Goseravji and crew members were engaged in research on the ISS for 14 days. Within the framework of the Goseravja mission, he conducts 13 scientific research prepared by Turkish scientists and research institutes.