Axiom-3 crew arrived at International Space Station

Axiom-3 crew (AX-3), which also includes the Turkish astronaut of Alper Goseravji, arrived at the International Space Station (ISS).

The moment of docking the Dragon capsule, on the board of which there was a multinational AX-3 team, was broadcast live on the Axiom Space.


The space journey lasted about 36 hours. The Crew Dragon ship with a crew of four successfully joined the ISS at about 05.42 in the morning of the east coast of the United States (13:42 Turkish time).

AC-3 team at the orbital station was met by astronauts and astronauts of the 70th expedition, which began their mission on September 27, 2023.

The AX-3 crew includes Michael Lopez Alegria (USA), Wilter Villadei (Italy), Marcus Wandt (Sweden) and Alpere Hezeravji.

Goseravji and crew members will be engaged in research at the International Space Station within 14 days. After the mission is completed, the crew will have to make a lead on the same spaceship at the end of January. Within the framework of the Goseravja mission, he will conduct 13 scientific research prepared by Turkish scientists and research institutes.