Aydar is special tradition in Kazakhstan to keep strand of hair on crown of boys

In Kazakhstan, over the centuries, they retain the “Aidar” tradition, which intends to leave one strand of hair on the crown of boys in the form of a braid to protect them from the evil eye.

Kazakhs continue to store numerous traditions and customs of a nomadic lifestyle, which led on the wide expanses of the steppe.

Among them is the tradition of “Aidar” or “Aidar -Volos”, which is usually applied to the only male child born after many years of waiting or continuing the family family.

As a rule, a strand of hair on the crown of boys is left after the onset of forty days. The hair on the crown grows up to a certain age and is braided into a braid. This strand of hair is usually cut off with a special ceremony after the child reaches the age of circumcision.

In an interview with Anadol, the mother of two children, Möldir Beribek, said that she began to grow her hair on her son’s head after his birth.

“My son Muslim is the first grandson in the family of my spouse. The mother -in -law cut her hair according to the tradition of” Aidar “in the hope of continuing the family. My son is now 5 years old, and until today we have never cut him. hair, ”said Beribik.

The woman noted that this year her son will be circumcised.

“Then we will cut his hair. For this, we will gather with the elders of the family and organize the ceremony,” Beribik said.

According to the woman, at first the son could not get used to such a hairstyle, since he had to constantly comb and braid hair. “It’s a little difficult for boys, but he and I am used to it,” the woman noted.

Beribik said that the son was ashamed of this situation when he was very small, because he believed that long hair usually has girls.

“But then, when he began to go to kindergarten, he saw there several children with the same hair as he had. And now he says that he has a cool hairstyle,” the woman said.