Azerbaijan and Iran are going to build a joint power plant

Iran is ready to build a power plant in conjunction with Azerbaijan. This was stated by the Minister of Energy Iran Ali Akbar Mehrabian on the online meeting with the Minister of Energy of Azerbaijan Parviz Shahbazov, write Iranian media.

He noted that Iran attaches great importance to the development of relations between Tehran and Baku. According to the minister, the joint technical commission of the two countries may strengthen cooperation to improve two hydraulic centers (Hudapherin and maiden tower).

“After installing electric turbines, energy will be made, which will be the source of income for both countries,” the mehrabian thought.

He also noted that the connection of the Iranian power grid to Russia through Azerbaijan is important for strengthening tripartite ties.

We note that in the Azerbaijan-Iranian border on the Araz River Capacity of the Hydrauses of the Maiden Tower and Hudapherin is more than 1.6 billion cubic meters. The total capacity of the Khudapherinskaya HPP and the GES of the Maiden Tower, constructed jointly with Iran, will be 280 MW. These hydroelectrics and hydroelectric power plants will create opportunities for sharing aquatic and energy resources of the Araz River.