Azerbaijan and Turkey expand cooperation in social sphere

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the population of Azerbaijan Sakhil Babaev and Minister of Family and Social Services of Turkey Daria Yanyk held a meeting in a video conference format.

The press service of the Ministry of Labor notes that Sakhil Babaev emphasized that the strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Turkey, based on the factor of unshakable friendship, fraternity and unity of peoples, is constantly developing. An important role in this direction is played by the joint efforts of the heads of states of the two fraternal countries.

The Minister noted social reforms carried out in Azerbaijan for the past period and their positive results, the Dosta concept, the creation of unified coordination centers on the appeals of family members of the shahids, military personnel injured in the war and the disabled, social support for families of shahids and veterans in the post -war period , the use of electronic technologies, proactive services for the population. The minister spoke about the successful cooperation of the two fraternal countries both in the field of social services and in other areas.

Sakhil Babaev emphasized the importance of further strengthening relations in the direction of ensuring the social protection of people with disabilities and the elderly, children and women, participants in the war and families of the Shahids.

Daria Yanyk, in turn, said that the constant development of relations between the two fraternal countries causes satisfaction. She spoke about the experience of Turkey in the field of social reforms and the successes achieved. The Minister emphasized the importance of strengthening cooperation and information exchange on the protection of children left without parental care, the implementation of social support measures, other reforms in this area.

The meeting took place a wide exchange of views between Azerbaijan and Turkey about the prospects for the development of bilateral relations in the field of social protection.