Azerbaijan beat Germany in football. To beach

In Nazar (Portugal), Euroleague matches are held in beach football with the participation of the national team of Azerbaijan.

Today our team played with Germany and won with a score of 6: 5. Amid Nazarov, goalkeeper Elchin Gasimov, Elshad Manafov, Orhan Mammadov and Huseyn Akhunds were scored as part of the national team of Azerbaijan.

Yesterday, Azerbaijan lost to Italy – 3: 7. These three teams, as well as Spain and Germany, perform in the group “b”

At the moment, Spain, Italy and Azerbaijan have 3 points each, but the Spaniards and Italians have one played game. Germany and Ukraine have no points. At the same time, the Germans have already held two matches, and the Ukrainians still joined the fight.

Tomorrow, the Azerbaijani team will play with Spain. And with Ukraine, our team will meet in September in Italian Algero. There, on September 8-9, the second part of the group stage will be held. According to the results of a protracted preliminary stage, the two best teams from two groups will enter the semifinals of the superfinals, which will also be held in Italy.

In another group, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Poland and Estonia are performing.