Azerbaijan Foreign Minister told UN Secretary General about anti -terrorist events

On Saturday, September 23, the Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Jajun Bayramov met with the UN Secretary General Antoniu Guterrysh as part of a high-level week of the 78th Session of the UN GA. This is stated in the message of the Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry?

The negotiations discussed the agenda of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the UN, as well as the current situation in the region.

The Minister informed the Secretary General of the goals and results of the local anti -terrorism measures carried out by the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region of the Republic.

Bayramov told the UN Secretary General about the currently processing process of disarmament of illegal Armenian armed groups and presented the Secretary General of Military equipment and ammunition as evidence confiscated over the past three days.

The fate of about 4 thousand citizens of Azerbaijan who missed during the conflict is unknown

Azerbaijan Foreign Minister also spoke at general discussions on the topic “Restoring trust and the revival of global solidarity: the agenda for 2030 and the goal of sustainable development to achieve peace, prosperity, progress and stability for all” that took place in the fields of the 78th session of the GA UN.

During the Soviet Release, he stated that the fate of almost 4 thousand citizens of Azerbaijan who went missing during the war, including 719 civilians, is unknown.

The diplomat noted that although several mass burials were discovered on the territories liberated from the occupation, proving the deliberate murder of civilians of Azerbaijan and other persons under the protection of international humanitarian law, Armenia refuses to clarify the fate of the missing persons.

According to Bayramov, the solution of this issue is important not only from the point of view of compliance with the rights of the victims and their families, but also from the point of view of post -conflict reconciliation and normalization of the situation.