Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry answers Iran: Tegeran was silent for 30 years old

“As you know, Azerbaijan is a country injured by occupation and aggression. The Armenian side occupied 20% of our territory by force, including 132 km borders with Iran. For 30 years, the Iranian side did not express any relation to a violent change in borders” . This was stated by the press secretary of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs Leila Abdullaeva, commenting on the recent statements of high -ranking political and military officials of Iran on the thesis “Changing the borders in the region – the Red Line for Iran.”

According to the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the address of such statements currently voiced by Iran is unclear.

“As you know, there are meetings of the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Moscow and Brussels. Negotiations in these formats are ongoing. As part of negotiations in these formats, by mutual consent of the parties, the Commission on Delimitations of the State Border was established and its composition was consistent. We believe that we believe that we believe that Armenian -Azerbaijani relations, including the border issue of the two states, should be resolved without extraneous intervention, ”said Leila Abdullaeva.