Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry: It is unacceptable for French side to accuse Azerbaijan of aggressive rhetoric

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan made a statement regarding the statements of the Foreign Minister of France.

Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry notes that unreasonable accusations made on April 2, 2024 against Azerbaijan, Minister of Europe and Foreign Foreign Affairs Stefan Sejurn during a joint press conference with US Secretary of State in Paris, are once again a striking example of France’s efforts to create obvious tension in the region and preventing the peace process.

The foreign policy of Azerbaijan emphasizes the inadmissibility of accusations of the French side of Azerbaijan in aggressive rhetoric.

The official Baku claims that the policy of countries such as France, covering Armenia aggression in the last 30 years has not brought any benefit.

“At the same time, the French side must understand that so far the destructive activity carried out by it will not be discontinued, this will not bring benefits to either the injured image of France or Armenia, which it protects in every possible way,” the statement says.