Azerbaijan is offered to revise security system of embassies

MILY Milli Majlis Gudrat Gasanguliev, speaking at the plenary meeting of the spring session of the parliament, raised the issue of revising the security system of Azerbaijani embassies abroad.

The parliamentarian recalled that in recent years the Azerbaijani diplomatic mission has been attacked in Beirut, London, Paris. Now the “list” has replenished Tehran.

“We know that Armenia and Iran are conducting hostile actions against us. Therefore, the security system of our embassies should be revised. It is necessary to invite the heads of the relevant state organizations to the parliament and seriously discuss these issues. The issue of providing employees of the embassy security service should be affected. Visiting the embassies in Baku, we see that the security wears protective vests and has weapons. There were women and children at the embassy in Tehran. There would be a massacre if it were not for the personal courage and heroism of Vasif Tagiev. I think that it is necessary to work with employees Azerbaijani embassy security services “,