Azerbaijan is strengthened on road Goris – Cafe: Creates a new customs post

Azerbaijan is preparing for the creation of a customs point near the village of Chakatan in Armenia (Western Zangezore). The Armenian newspaper “Graparak” writes that Azerbaijanis installed a house-wagon near the village. According to the publication, the customs point will be installed there.

The village of Chakatan is located on the road Goris – Kafan, part of which, as you know, has passed since December last year under the control of Azerbaijan. A few days ago, the Azerbaijani side introduced customs and border control on the part of the road passing through the villages of Evazli and Chasemi Gubadlinsky district, as a result of which citizens of Armenia can no longer use it. The latter turned to an alternative route – the mountain pass through the village of Tatev, who, however, is not ready yet in rainy and snowy weather at all. On the same road, some Iranian trucks carrying goods in Armenia and accidents are not uncommon here.

Road Goris – Kafane partially passes through the Zanginsky district, in it the residents of the village of Chakatn are getting to the cafais.

Former head of the rural administration, Ara Abrahamyan also says that Azerbaijanis has installed an item on the road. But he does not know, with what purpose: “They dig something, brought the lifting crane, work, but I don’t know what exactly”

Harutyunyan notes that the Azerbaijani side has established an item on the only way from Chakaten to Kafan; If the road is closed, the village will remain in the actual blockade.

Khachatur Baghdasaryan, head of the village in Zangezure, which Armenians are now called Nikin Hand, also confirmed that Azerbaijani servicemen were on the road Chakatin – Kafan. According to him, during the day they worked intensively at 3-4 kilometers from the village. Baghdasaryan believes that these works are associated with the construction of a customs post. “They cleared the road. On the way I saw a couple of Azerbaijanis, but no one stopped us,” he said.

Baghdasaryan said that if the road is closed, it will be difficult for him to move around the region. Residents of the village can, of course, go through Megry, but such a route is longer than kilometers per hundred. And the alternative dirt road is now impassable, only SUVs can ride it.

The village of Chakatan is located between the village of Nerkin Hand and the café, both villages with a cafan connect the road that is currently under the control of Azerbaijan.

Note that Azerbaijan from December last year allowed the movement of citizens of Armenia on the road Goris – Kafan, part of which is located on its territory. However, since the Armenian side under various pretexts is trying to postpone the opening of the Zangezo Corridor, the Azerbaijani side, using its sovereign rights, apparently, decided to apply customs and border control on the part of the road passing through its territory.