Azerbaijan judoist became winner of “Grand Slam” in Paris

Azerbaijan Judoist Mamnedal Mehdiyev (90 kg) became a silver medalist of the Greater Helmet tournament in Paris.

Mamnedali Mehdiyev defeated Brazilian Rafael Machedo, representative of Turkey Mikhael Zganka, Georgian Bek Gwiniashvili, and in the final I lost to the Japanese Sunshiro Murao.

Also, another athlete was made to the final – Ushangi Cocauri (over 100 kg). He defeated Marvin Gado from Monaco, representative of France Emre Sanala and Korean Minjong Kima. In the decisive fight, Ushangi will a little later meet with Mongol Tsetsennogel odohu.

In total, six Azerbaijani judoists played in Paris. In addition to Mehdiyev and Cocauri, Kyarayat Huseynov (60 kg), Hydayat Heydar (73 kg), Rustam Orujev (73 kg) and potions of KoCow (100 kg) were released into the French tatami.

The best result among this four showed Huseynov, which took 5th place. He took the top of the rivals from Côte d’Ivoire and Mongolia – Daudom Dabon and Arihtewan, respectively, but in the semifinals he lost to the Japanese Rudju Nagaem, and in the duel for bronze – Georgian Jaba Papinashvili.

Rustam Orujev in the first fight lost to the Frenchman Benjamin Axus. Heydaren’s Hydatyat, on the contrary, began with the victory over the representative of France by Teo Ricken, but then managed to give way to Judoist from the Gambia Fi Ndzhiy.

unsuccessfully accepted and potions Kozoev (100 kg), loser at the start of Pole Peter Kucher.