Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense: fighting means of formations of Armed Forces of Armenia are destroyed

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced the destruction of military positions and military facilities of the Armenians as part of the anti -terrorist measures.

“Combat positions, long -term firing points, military means and military facilities of the formations of the Armed Forces of Armenia in the direction of the Khojalinsky district and the Red Bazaar are destroyed by the exact fire of the Azerbaijani Army,” the press service of the department said.

Meanwhile, the destruction of the Tor anti-aircraft missile system, belonging to the illegal Armenian armed groups in Hankendi, reports.

In addition, as a result of anti -terrorism measures, the electronic warfare (REB) “MortIra” Armenian illegal armed forces of the separatist regime in Karabakh was destroyed.

Azerbaijan Ministry of Defense on Tuesday, September 19, announced the beginning of the anti -terrorism measures of a local nature to ensure the constitutional system in Karabakh.