Azerbaijan: official caused damage to state in amount of 202 thousand manat

A preliminary investigation was completed in the criminal case of Nariman Zakariev, accused of illegal extraction of sand and gravel on the Kura River in Mingychevir.

According to haqqı, the materials of the criminal case are sent for consideration by the Shekinsky court for serious crimes.

It is noted that Nariman Zakariev, abusing his official position at a sand-gravel deposit located in the city of Mingyachevir at the mouth of the Kura River, from May 2018 to January 2022, universally used 9,400 square meters of land plots to profit. in state property. Thus, he caused material damage to the state and nature in the amount of 202 thousand manat.

Based on the collected evidence, Zakariev was charged under Articles 188.4.2 (violation of ownership, use or land lease), 247 (violation of the rules of environmental protection during work) and 308.2 (abuse of authorities) of the Criminal Code.