Azerbaijan purchases weapons from Israel for $ 2 billion

Azerbaijan is negotiating the purchase of Israeli weapons by 2 billion dollars. About this, with reference to sources, the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom.

Note that the author of Dan Samuel Elms at the beginning of the information speaks about purchasing weapons by 2 billion shekels, but later points the same figure, but already in dollars. And therefore it is not clear what kind of currency are we talking about.

It is noted that there are two main factor, due to which Azerbaijan, who used the Drona and Rockets of Israeli production during the second Karabakh war, now wants to acquire a weapon for another $ 2 billion. The first factor – the shootout in the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, which May grow into a third Karabakh war. The second is the deepening of relations between Israel and Azerbaijan, especially after the victory of Baku in the Karabakh war and the historical decision on the opening of the Azerbaijani Trade Representation in Israel.

As a publication writes, Azerbaijani Defense Aircraft, in particular, in recent days, are often launched at Israel airports, various types of ammunition are transported. It is expected that this transaction will be signed in the coming months. And once again will show the importance of relationships with Baku for Israel, despite the pressure from Armenians and the Armenian lobby all over the world.

The publication notes that the Israeli military-industrial companies opened their centers in Azerbaijan. In addition, in Azerbaijan, Israeli companies are represented in all areas, from security to agriculture, participate in construction work on the liberated territories. The newspaper also considers it possible to open an embassy in Israel.