Azerbaijan ranks 2nd place at chess Olympiad in India

The chess Olympics continues in Indian Chennai. Parties of the 6th round were played today.

Azerbaijan male, which is still unsuccessful, played with Slovakia today and won with a score of 3: 1. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Gadir Huseynov and Nijat Abasov won their parties, and Vasif Duhurbeyli lost.

In the first five rounds, our chess players beat Algeria (4: 0), the Philippines (3: 1), Argentina (3: 1), but then tied with Turkey (2: 2) and unexpectedly lost to Cuba (1.5 : 2.5). After 6 rounds, the Azerbaijani team has 9 points, it takes 19th place.

The women’s team of Azerbaijan is much more successful. Today she defeated Kazakhstan – 3: 1. Gulnar Mammadov and Ulvia Fataliev won their fights. And Gunai Mammedzade and Govhar Badeullaev tied with the next rating rivals.

Earlier, our chess players beat the UAE (4: 0), Finland (4: 0), Greece (2.5: 1.5), Israel (3: 1) and tied with Ukraine. With 11 points, Azerbaijani girls take 2nd place, second only to India, which has 12 points.