Azerbaijan served in Azerbaijan can sit for 17 years

The US Federal Prosecutor’s Office filed a request with the requirement to condemn the accused in espionage in favor of Russia Peter Debbbis for 17 years in prison. He voluntarily decided to help Russian military intelligence, reports BBC News.

According to the charge, 45-year-old Peter Rafale Dzybinski Debbins voluntarily offered his services to Russian military intelligence as early as 1996, saying he considers himself “Son of Russia” and is ready to serve her.

Debbins was confident that the United States is overly dominated in the world and their influence must be limited, “the prosecutor’s office reported.

According to the indictment, Debbins supported contacts with Russian representatives since 1996, when he was a student at the University of Minnesota, until 2011. In 1997, according to the prosecutor’s office, he signed an obligation to cooperate with Russian military intelligence, having received the code name Icar Leshnikov.

First Debbins refused to receive money for the transmitted information, but in the end agreed to a small fee. Amounts are not yet disclosed.

The mother of the accused was born in the Soviet Union, and he himself met his future wife during a trip to Chelyabinsk. The wedding took place in 1997.

During the service in the special forces, Debbins received tolerance first to the secret, and then to completely secret information, follows from the charge.

In 1998, he was sent to the chemical protection unit of the Green Beretov in South Korea, and then served as part of the groups of American special forces in Azerbaijan and Georgia. The prosecutor’s office believes that he passed the Russian side information about these divisions, including the names of officers, as well as data on their activities in the republics of the former USSR.

In 2008, he resigned, but for several more years continued to support contacts with Russian military intelligence.

Debbin’s arrest has already become the second on the US spy scandal in the US this week. Earlier, the US Department of Justice announced Arrest on the Hawaii of the former CIA officer on the espionage charges in favor of China.