Azerbaijan State Information Agency Azertaj will be 104 years old

Azerbaijani State Information Agency Azertaj will be 104 years old.

Founded in 1920 by decision of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which proclaimed its independence on May 28, 1918, Azertaj continues its activities as the most reliable source of the country’s news and one of the most active partners of international information agencies. >

Azertaj, which began its activities with disabilities in difficult conditions of that time, distributed its first news on March 1, and this date was adopted as the day of the agency.

An information agency, fighting with the misinformation of the Bolsheviks and Armenians against Azerbaijan both within the country and abroad, was able to work out only 58 days and stopped activities as a result of the Soviet occupation of the country.

The agency, reorganized after the establishment of Soviet power in Azerbaijan, continued its activities under such names as Azkafrost, Aztag, Azerta, Azerinform.

After the restoration of independence by Azerbaijan, the agency was renamed the official information agency of the Republic of Azertaj.

Today, the agency is one of the active members of the Council of the World Congress of News Agencies, the European Alliance (Eana), the organization of news agencies of Asia and the Pacific Ocean (OANA). The chairman from 2016 to 2019 simultaneously in the World Congress of News Agencies and OANA, he entered his name in the history of world media. And last year, at the Constituent General Assembly of the Association of Turkic News Agencies in Istanbul (ATNA), Azertaj was elected general secretary of this structure.

Only in 2023, Azertj prepared more than 190 thousand information messages. The agency’s news is distributed through the site, news bulletins, as well as social networks. In general, the agency has on social networks 30 pages of various profiles and in various languages. Today, on average, more than 500 news, more than 40 videos and more than 100 photonos are posted on the site daily.

In recent years, agreements on cooperation with almost 50 foreign news agencies have been signed, information exchange has been conducted with agencies functioning on 5 continents.

Azertag spreads news in eight languages ​​- Azerbaijani, English, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish, as well as for the first time in the region – video information in five languages. The agency brings Azerbaijani realities, we can say that to all corners of our planet and is perceived at the world level as an authoritative, reliable and impartial source of information. The agency has representative offices in 21 countries of the world.

Azertaj, who signed the cooperation protocol with about 50 information agencies in the world, is also an information partner of the Anadolu agency.