Azerbaijan turned to UNESCO: Tepebashi in Yerevan under threat

In UNESCO, an appeal was sent in connection with the city quarter of Tepebash in Yerevan. According to Report, this was reported at the presentation of the book “Fate of the Tepebashi quarter – the last preserved monument to the Azerbaijani national -cultural and historical heritage in Irevan: the destruction of the heritage of the Azerbaijani people in Armenia and the destruction of historical traces” published based on research works.

It was noted that a group of scientific figures and representatives of the public of Azerbaijan turned to the general director of UNESCO Odra Azule in connection with the process of cultural genocide, repaired by Armenia against the national-cultural, historical heritage of the Azerbaijani people in Yerevan, including the Tepepabashi quarter.

The author of the study, historian Sabukhi Huseynov said that the only preserved Azerbaijani mosque in Yerevan is Goy -Mosque, but, unfortunately, it does not function today as Azerbaijani.

According to S. Guseynov, experts conducted a study on the history of Goy-Mosque in Yerevan.

“There are hundreds, thousands of documents in the Azerbaijani archive, which reports on the work on the regular repair of the mosque, the management of the fund. Therefore, this mosque must be recognized by Azerbaijani. Goy-Micagling has nothing to do with Iran, which confirms the documents and historical facts” – he said.