Azerbaijani athletes won gold competitions in Bulgaria

Azerbaijan won three more medals in Sofia at the world competitions of age -related Batut and Tbling jumping groups, which are considered an unofficial world championship among children and young men.

In synchronous trampolines among athletes in the age category of 15-16 years old, Magsud Makhsudov and Huseyn Abbasov won a gold medal.

also Mahsudov became a bronze medalist in individual competitions.

Tofik Aliyev in the Tambling competitions in the category of 17-21 years became a silver winner.

Earlier, we recall, in the jumps on the trampoline Ali Nifaliev in the age category of 13-14 years, he won a silver medal, and the couple Ammar Bakhshaliev-Farhad Mustafaev in category 11-12 years old became a bronze medalist.

Thus, Azerbaijan has 5 medals – 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.