Azerbaijani fighter, winner of Olympics and World Champion, will be judged in Baku court on serious crimes

The Azerbaijani Greco-Roman style, known in the past, champion of the Youth Olympics and the prize-winner of the European Games 2015 in Baku Elman Mukhtarov is arrested and waits for court.

28-year-old former athlete is accused of intentionally causing easy harm to health and robbery. According to the investigation, Elman Mukhtarov last year caused stab wounds to a certain Michael Mammadov. And a few months later, illegally entered Mamedov’s house, beat him and carried out 2800 manat from the house.

Elman Mukhtarov was arrested in December last year. The former fighter during the investigation did not plead guilty. The preparatory court hearing is scheduled for February 1. The case will be considered in the Baku court on serious crimes under the chairmanship of the judge of Sabira Mammadzade.

Elman Mukhtarov is a 2-time European champion and the world champion among young men. He won the youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore. In 2014, Mukhtarov became the world champion among youth, and a year later he won bronze at European games-2015 in Baku. As part of the national team of Azerbaijan, Mukhtarov won the World Cup in 2015.

The last major competition in which he participated was the international tournament in France in January 2021.