Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: Armenia and separatist regime reject all proposals of Baku

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry said that Armenia and separatist regime reject all Baku proposals.

According to the press service of the department, this was stated at a briefing for the diplomatic corps accredited in Azerbaijan.

It was noted that, despite all the efforts made by Azerbaijan through the attracted international partners, Armenia and the separatist regime created by it in the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan, continue to reject all proposals aimed at normalizing the process and reducing tension. And the so -called “elections” in the Karabakh region is a vivid example of this.

Despite all the Messages of Azerbaijan, the Armenian side continues to persist, it was announced at a briefing.

The Foreign Ministry said that the recent statements and actions of the Armenian leadership as a whole have nullified their previous statements.

It was noted that the “congratulatory letter” sent by the Prime Minister of Armenia on the occasion of the anniversary of the creation of an illegal separatist regime in Azerbaijan has once again proved the insincerity of statements previously made by Armenia about the recognition of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

The goal of Armenia is to preserve the tools and means of inciting separatism in Azerbaijan, they said at a briefing.

It was noted that ordinary residents are becoming hostages of this political adventure.

The department said that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan are as important as the sovereignty and territorial integrity of any other country.

Azerbaijan, like any country of the world, has the right to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity by all means provided for by international law.

At this critical stage, it is important than ever to make Armenia turn off her dangerous path, noted at a briefing.

It was emphasized that Armenia and its junta, which she continues to maintain in the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan with all possible ideological, political, military, financial and other means, should face a single clear position of the international community that there is no chance of getting the desired result if you continue to use the old tactics of tightening time.

The Foreign Ministry reminded that Turkey, Pakistan, Ukraine, Great Britain, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, USA, Iran, as well as the UN, OTG, OIS and EU condemned illegal “elections” in Karabakh and did not recognize their legitimacy.

Taking this opportunity, Baku thanks all states and international organizations that support international law and openly oppose this illegal, illegitimate and provocative step of the Armenian side, emphasized at a briefing.