Azerbaijani gymnasts and karatists go to world games in USA

Azerbaijani athletes will perform at the 11th in a row of world games that will be held in the American city of Birmingham from July 7 to 17. Our country will be represented in karate competitions, rhythmic gymnastics, sports aerobics and kickboxing.

In Karate Competitions under the leadership of the President of the National Federation, Yashar Bashirov and the head coaches of Gurban Tagiev (men, Kumite), Denis Morozov (women, Kumite) and Vakhid Aivazov (Kata) will be Asiman Gurbanly (over 84 kg), Irina Zaretskaya (Irina Zaretskaya ( 68 kg) and Roman Heydarov (Kata). Karate competitions will be held on July 8-9.

In the rhythmic gymnastics tournament, Azerbaijan will present Zorah Agamirova. In sports aerobics, our country delegates the Aerosunsu team (Aikhan Ahmedli, Rauf Hajiyev, Nigar Mir Jalalla, Nazrin Mustafaeva, Medina Mustafaeva, Senan Makhmudlu, Hadij Gulimatov, Vladimir Dolmatov) and the group team (Vladimir Dolmatov, Medina Mustafaeva, Khadij Guliyev, Imran Imranov And Hoshgedem Guliev). Gymnasts and aerobics masters will perform July 12-13.

Also in the United States will go kikokokser Bahram Rajabzade, who will perform in the weight category over 91 kg. Kikboxing competitions will be held July 13-14.

In total, medals in 30 sports will be played in Birmingham. It is planned to participate athletes from 105 countries.

World Games have been held since 1981. The first competitions were held in Santa Clara (USA). In subsequent years, the games were accepted by London (Great Britain), Karlsruhe (Germany), Gaaga (Netherlands), Lahti (Finland), Akita (Japan), Duisburg (Germany), Gaosyun (Taiwan), Kalumbia (Colombia) and Wroclaw (Poland).

Competitions are usually held every four years – next year after the summer Olympics. Initially, world games were conceived as an exhibition for sports that are not part of the Olympic program. However, there will be some Olympic species in the USA. For example, the same rhythmic gymnastics.