Azerbaijani in world: terrorist attack in Tehran is crime against humanity

Azerbaijanis living in different countries of the world distributed an application in connection with the terrorist attack committed at the Azerbaijan Embassy in Iran.

“We, Azerbaijanis living in foreign countries, express our deep sorrow due to the fact that as a result of an armed attack on the Azerbaijan Embassy in Iran, one Azerbaijani died and two were injured. The Azerbaijani of the world consider the terrorist act organized by the special services of Iran. Each of our compatriots condemns the guilty in this treacherous attack and bloody crimes and claims that he does not believe in false information distributed to divert attention. This bloody event is not amenable to logic and does not fit into the concepts of humanity, ”the statement said.

It notes that Azerbaijanis of the world “is extremely worried about the fact that in South Azerbaijan, where 40 million of our compatriots live, their rights are constantly violated, and in Iran no diplomatic representation, nor have a guarantee for immunity “:” We draw the attention of the world community to the region and call for the fight against crimes against humanity. “

“bringing information about a terrorist act that violates the world and stability in the region, to the attention of the UN, the European Union, the Council of Europe and their structures, as well as other plenipotentiary international and regional organizations, we urge to take urgent measures in the political and legal plane, To prevent the commission by Iranian special services of such serious criminal acts, ”the statement is indicated.

It also notes that “Iran and Armenia are constantly committing unlawful actions within the boundaries of Azerbaijan”: “Recently, 27 citizens of Iran, using the Lachin road, went to the separatists in the territory of Karabakh with indefinite goals, and to this day neither Armenia, nor Armenia, Neither Iran did no statements about this. “

“We honor the memory of those who died as a result of the attack and condemn the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran acts in a position similar to the position of Armenia, to the various terrorist actions of which Azerbaijan is constantly faced, we demand a speedy prosecution of persons guilty of crimes against the world and humanity in the region, we expect a fair position of the international community, ”the statement emphasizes.