Azerbaijani judoka won Bolshoi helmet tournament in Tel Aviv

Today, in Tel Aviv, the Bolshoi helmet tournament ended in judo with the participation of the Azerbaijan team. Our athletes won four medals – gold, two silver and bronze.

Today we are the POST KOTOev (100 kg) was held by Rafael Buzakarini (Brazil), Esly Gonzalez (Romania) and Jennaro Pirelli (Italy). In a decisive battle, he defeated Michael Correla (the Netherlands), becoming a champion.

Ushangi Kokauri (over 100 kg) won Mirchi Mircho (Romania), Emre Sanal (France) and Raphael Silva (Brazil), breaking through to the final. Here he lost to the Cockengel of the Odhuu (Mongolia).

Mamedali Mehtiev (90 kg) won with Mamedali Achyldyev (Turkmenistan), Nashhun Lee (South Korea) and Christian Parlatti (Italy), entering the semifinals. At this stage, he lost to Beke Gviniashvili (Georgia), but in a fight for bronze defeated Rafael Macedo (Brazil).

Yesterday, silver was also won by Orhan Safarov (66 kg).