Azerbaijani party calls for complete restoration of control over Karabakh

adopted by the Senate of France on November 15, 2022, the Anti -Azerbaijani resolution contradicts international law and stems out of the hatred of Paris to Ankara and Baku. This is stated in the statement of the party of the Unified Popular Front of Azerbaijan (Penfa).

“The adopted shameful resolution is designed to protect the occupation and war crimes (genocide, the murder of civilians with missile shelling, ethnic cleaning, killing prisoners of torture, etc.) Armenia, justify bloody separatism, intimidate Azerbaijan, which wants to restore state borders and State sovereignty within the framework of the borders recognized by the UN and force Baku to make concessions. For the country, the past is full of bloody reprisals, and today – political hypocrisy, to blame Azerbaijan of something unacceptable, ”the party said.


The party called on the government to revise relations with France in all areas, abandon its intermediary services.

Penf also stated the need to put forward new requirements for apology to the people of Azerbaijan for damage caused by the national economy, payment of compensation, holding guilty of war crimes accountable, and also noted the need to restore state sovereignty in Karabakh, where ethnic Armenians live and state border in Lachina “.