Azerbaijani President accepted Minister of Energy of Romania

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev accepted the Minister of Energy of Romania Sebastian Ioan Burduzhu.

At the meeting with satisfaction, it was emphasized that there are relations between Azerbaijan and Romania, there was an expansion of cooperation in all directions.

The President of Azerbaijan noted the importance of mutual visits at the level of heads of states, as well as at other levels in terms of expanding the connections.

Aliyev, speaking of the implementation of large projects in Azerbaijan in the energy sector, and in the current period especially in the field of green energy, noted the importance of the 10th ministerial meeting held in the last months in the framework of the consultative council of the Southern Gas Corridor and the 2nd ministerial meeting at the Council of Council for Green Energy.

During the conversation it was emphasized that in the field of energy, significant progress has already been achieved, the exchange of views on the export of natural gas from Azerbaijan and green energy through the Black Sea took place.

It was noted that discussions on the supply of LNG, green energy and gas are continuing, and Azerbaijan seeks to enter the Romania energy market in a diversified form.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that trade and economic ties between our countries expand, last year the turnover grew by almost 30 percent compared to the previous year and reached 670 million US dollars, and cooperation in the investment sphere has also intensified. The very active activity of SOCAR in Romania was noted, it was brought to the attention that the company occupies a fairly significant place in the fuel market of this country.

During the conversation with satisfaction, the expansion of cooperation was emphasized in the field of agriculture, health and education.