Azerbaijani representative was elected to Board of European Federation

The President of the Celebration Federation of Azerbaijan (AZKIF) Ramil Aliyev at the total meeting of the European Federation of Cybersport (EEF) was elected a member of the Board of this organization.

Also, representatives of more than five countries were elected to the board: Boban Totovski (Northern Macedonia), Karoll Tsagan (Slovakia), Ivan Banishevsky (Ukraine), Julio Zetzinelli (Italy), Tiago Fernandez (Portugal). He headed the EEF representative of Israel Ido Boss.

New National Federations were adopted at this meeting to membership, and their total number reached 43. The European Federation of Celebrate was established in 2020 in Brussels to promote and develop this sport in the European space. EEF aims to cooperate with the European Olympic Committee. The key sports event for the European Federation is currently the Cup of Nations, which has been held for the second year.