Azerbaijani special services colonel threatens to spread anonymous audio recordings

on the appeal of the verdict issued against Movlam Shikhaliev, the ex-head of the main investigative department of the abolished MNB, as well as the employees of his department Yasin Mamedov and Vusala with Sahib Alekperovs, the next court session was held.

According to the correspondent, during the process, Movlam Shikhaliev appealed to the trial with several petitions. In particular, saying that the investigation has no evidence on the episodes of giving bribes, Shikhaliev asked to re -question the witnesses, to which the victims filed.

As a result, the court rejected Shikhaliev’s petition. The same fate befell the later request of the ex-General of the MNB to justify him for lack of evidence and free his property from arrest.

The former Schikhaliev, who spoke during the meeting, also denied his guilt, saying that the charges brought against him were not proven by comprehensive facts. Mammadov assured the judge that he put all his property, doing business in Russia, and worked exclusively in the MNB for the soul. At the same time, Mammadov thoroughly “rode” by the personality of Movlam Shikhaliev, calling him a “personal enemy”, and emphasizing that he considers humiliating to be his former boss on the same bench.

“My conscience is pure, I did not take any bribes,” said Yasin Mammadov. According to the former INB investigator, the financial situation of his family was thoroughly undermined, and his son, in order to pay for his studies at a higher educational institution, was forced to work as a waiter.

“was issued a warrant for a search of my property, – Mamedov said.“ But as a result, it turned out that I had nothing. Then I was seized by a house that my brother bought back in 1996. “

The ex-employee of the MNB also denied that he took bribes from Jahangir Mamedov, who committed suicide after bankruptcy, and Affal Hasanalieva. According to him, the victims simply could not establish a business and went bankrupt.

Sardar Ismailov, who passed in this case as a victim, resolutely denied the words of Yasin Mammadov, recalling that the employees of the MNB, in fact, stole a goods worth hundreds of thousands of manat from him, which he was transporting to Iran.

In turn, another ex-employee of the former MNB, Sahab Alekperov, not only told the court about his innocence, but also began to threaten people whose names did not name, vibblers of some anonymous audio recordings, which are “stored in a reliable place.”

“If something happens to me, these records will be sent to the appropriate addresses, – Sahib Alekperov threatened. – And the effect will be appropriate. Let no one interferes with the process and does not pushes out illegal decisions. And I believe. And I believe. And I believe. And I have no doubt that they will not succumb to any pressure from the outside. “