Azerbaijanis has entered Russian woman: a fight, conflict between diasporas, criminal case

In the Kemerovo region there were fights between the Gypsy Diaspora, immigrants from Azerbaijan and local residents, including women.

According to “Kuzbass. Online”, the incident occurred in the Elbrus cafe in the crash due to the fact that the local resident tried to recover alimony from a man who is currently a husband of one of the Gypsies. It provoked discontent from the Gypsy diaspora, attacked the woman. However, Azerbaijani intervened in a fight, who became an eyewitness of what was happening, and stuck behind a woman.

According to her, Azerbaijanis took the girl to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a fracture of jaws with a displacement in four places.

“Taiga. Info” notes that the next day the incident continued, and the village took place in the village between the Gypsy and Azerbaijani diaspora.

In the State Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Kemerovo region came to the conclusion that the conflict occurred on household soil. Police installed all the participants in the fight and detained the attackers. A criminal case has been initiated. Men threaten to seven years in prison.