“Azərlotereya” became a member of World Lottery Association

“Azərlotereya” became a member of the most influential organization of the global lottery industry.

According to Haqqin.az in an organization that uses in the field of its activities the international standards “Azərlotereya” is now a member of the World Lottery Association (World Lottery Association), which is considered to be leading in the world as an organization for gambling.

The World Lottery Association (WLA) is a global professional association, which includes more than 150 operators of official lotteries and sports gambling from 80 countries.

The common goal of members of the Association is the responsible sale of gambling. Offering services in the organization of gambling based on international experience, “Azərlotereya” remains true to the principle of “play responsibly.”

introducing the most advanced technological innovations in the organization of lotteries, the company is seriously related to games programming, ensuring transparency and safety of products management. “Azərlotereya” was awarded membership in the association, as it complyed with all the requirements of this organization.

It is no coincidence that the company “Scientific Games” using the instantaneous lottery tickets of the company is directly involved in the company’s instantaneous technologies. In addition, when organizing circulation lottery games, modern equipment is used, purchased from the French company Akanis Technologies, which is also a member of Wla.

The World Lottery Association was founded by the merger of “Aile”, the International Association of State Lottery and Intertoto, as well as the International Association of Toto and Lotto in August 1999.

Note, “Azərlotereya” is also a member of the European Association of State Lottery and Toto (Theiropean State Lotteries and Toto Association).