“Azpetrol” increased number of gas stations to 92

Azpetrol, which has the largest gas supply network in Azerbaijan, continues to increase the number of gas stations in accordance with the chosen strategic development plan.

Taking into account the increase in demand and numerous proposals, she carried out reconstruction work at the Nobel AGZS, located at: November 8, quarter 1240, Khatainsky district, the city of Baku. As a result of the work, the gas station was transformed into a fuel station with a liquefied gas station.

At the same time, the number of gas stations of the Azpetrol company increased to 92.

drivers at the updated cafe station, car wash, ATM, liquefied gas and charging electric vehicles.

Work at the current gas stations are carried out on the eve of the 25th anniversary of Azpetrol. The first gas station of the company – Spartak – was opened on July 15, 1997 at the address: Baku, Nasiminsky district, Moscow Avenue, 1013. Currently, Azpetrol has a total of 92 gas stations, 3 stations for refueling liquefied gas ( Propan-Butan), 1 CNG terminal for public transport, 3 oil depots for storage of fuel, gas trucks for fuel trucks, 100 cars for uninterrupted delivery of fuel at gas stations, parking.

At the current gas stations, there are 4 CNG refueling points, 2 fasting posts of liquefied gas and 17 electric loaders, 8 motels, as well as catering facilities (cafes, car wash, markets).