Bakcell continues to help families of shahids and veterans

Bakcell has implemented another project of corporate social responsibility (CSR), aimed at expanding opportunities for the employment and education of women from families of shahids and veterans.

The project, covering 2021-2022, was attended by 16 women. At the first stage, seminars and practical classes for topics such as motivation, determination of goals, development of social competencies, compilation of resumes, non -working, etc. were organized for them.

At the next stage of the project, participants attended English and Russian languages ​​for 7 months, as well as trainings such as computer literacy, creation and conduct of small business, accounting.

The beneficiaries of the project were able to continue education from their choice, begin professional training or receive help in employment.

Attention and care for the children of the victims during the war, as well as the support of the families of the Schehids and Veterans is one of the main directions of the QSO Bakcell program. The company carries out a number of projects in this area.