Baku and Tehran agree on exchange of gas

In Tehran, a meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, the co-chairman of the Azerbaijani-Iranian State Commission on Economic, Trade and Humanitarian Affairs of Shahina Mustafaeva with Minister of Oil Iran Javad, reports Azerbaijani media.

According to the information, the meeting was noted that cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iran in the oil and gas sphere is mutually beneficial and fruitful. The parties discussed the implementation of existing natural gas exchange agreements. It was noted that the work in this direction should be continued.

At the meeting, an agreement was also reached on gas exchange in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. According to the Iranian minister, preliminary negotiations on the development of oil and gas fields in Caspians were held.

In turn, Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister noted that Azerbaijan and Iran successfully cooperate in all areas, especially in the energy industry.