Baku: family quarrel ended in self -immolation and stabbing

In the village of Mashtag, the Sabunchinsky district of Baku, a crime was committed on the basis of a family conflict, writes Qafqazinfo.

It is reported that a resident of the village of Afghan Gadzhiev came to his mother -in -law’s house, where his wife, who left the house after a quarrel with him.

Mother -in -law Gadzhieva, Han Khalygova born in 1969, invited him to divorce his wife.

angry, the man doused himself with gasoline and set fire to.

Having learned about this, Afghan brother Rufat Gadzhiev came to the scene and inflicted Khalygova’s stabs and her brother – Rustam Babaev born in 1963.

Khalygova and Babaev were hospitalized in the city clinical hospital No. 3. Hajiyev, who was busy, was taken to a burn center.

In fact, the police department of the Sabunchinsky district is conducted by an investigation.