Baku: police used weapons to detain a driver-narcoman

In the Sabail district of Baku, an armed incident occurred between the traffic police and the truck driver, Qafqazinfo reports.

It is reported that at night, in the territory of the Sabail region of the capital, the driver of the truck Rashad Muradov born in 1983 crossed the dividing lane, for which he was detained by employees of the district state road police department. The police had a suspicion of the drunkenness of Muradov, but the latter refused to pass the alcohol.

In this regard, additional police officers were pulled to the scene. Muradov, meanwhile, tried to hide, hitting 5 cars along the way. The police were forced to use a service weapon, shooting the rear wheels of the car to detain the offender. The driver was sent for examination.

The medical examination showed that Muradov is under the influence of narcotic substances. A protocol has been drawn up against him, an investigation is currently underway.