Baku rejected unreasonable accusations of Foreign Minister of France against Azerbaijan

Baku decisively rejects unreasonable accusations against Azerbaijan of the Foreign Minister of Foreign Ministry, Katrin column, made on October 3 during a press conference in Armenia.

The press service of the Azerbaijan Foreign Ministry noted that France contrary to the position voiced by the UN, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Supreme Commissariat of the UN for refugees and other international organizations is trying to mislead the international community, claiming that Armenian Armenian voluntarily left the region Residents were allegedly forcibly evicted.

“France is trying in every possible way to arm Armenia, to involve it in aggression and military adventure, which is unacceptable. France should understand that these efforts are doomed to failure, like all its attempts to interfere in our region throughout history,” emphasized in Foreign Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry noted that France’s statements about the support of Armenia, as well as that it is the initiator of the meetings of the UN Security Council, once again prove that the last almost 30 years of approval about neutral mediation, are completely groundless.

“Despite the confirmation of the international organizations and the Prime Minister of Armenia, the fact that Azerbaijan’s anti-terrorist events did not pose a threat to peaceful Armenian residents, the French minister called the legitimate step of Azerbaijan in their sovereign territories, which is a fiction and demonstrates the failure of the incompetent regional policy of Paris “, – said in the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan.