Baku reported next provocation of Armed Forces of Armenia 23 February

Armenian armed forces were shelling the positions of the Azerbaijani army in the direction of the village of Ellidge of the Kelbadzharsky district of the republic. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

According to the report, the incident took place on February 23 at 05:50 Local time.

The department clarified that the fire was conducted from the perspective located in the direction of the village of Yukhara Sordia Basarkechara district of Armenia.

It is noted that in order to prevent the aggravation of the situation and ensure stability on the conditional border of the two countries, the units of the Azerbaijani army were not taken by response measures.

“We urge the military leadership of Armenia not to allow such provocations aimed at destabilization and the exit of the situation from control on the conditional border, and those who perform these actions must be identified and punished,” the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan said.