Baku requires issuance of Armenian military, injured Azerbaijani soldiers

Azerbaijan refused to negotiate with the Armenian side on unlocking the road of the interregional and interstate importance of the Goris – Kafan (leads to the border with Iran). Sputnik Armenia writes that Azerbaijanis contact with Russian military.

The publication notes that the rejection of Baku from negotiations with the Armenian side is related to those from the injury of the Azerbaijani serviceman with the requirements.

Recall, August 25 the State Border Service of Azerbaijan reported that the territory of the border and combat points separate the Border Division “Gubadli” the Border GPS located on the carriageway of the road Goris – Kapan, near the village of Ashagi Dzhibikli Gubadli region, a serviceman Shiraliyev Ruslan was attacked by two armed forces personnel Armenia. They inflicted the border guard wound a bayonet knife. R. Shiraliev was delivered to the military hospital of the State Border Service.

Sputnik Armenia, with reference to its sources, claims that initially the Azerbaijani side insisted on the issuance to investigate “the perpetrators of the incident, associated with the injury of their serviceman.” This, apparently, was due to the failure of contacts with the Armenian side and willing to negotiate only with the Russian military, suggests edition.

According to the source Sputnik Armenia, the contacts are accompanied by a strong emotional potassium. The main thing now is to come to a solution that will satisfy both sides.

Source also said that everything is going on to the place that representatives of the investigative services of Azerbaijan and Armenia should be advanced. This should be a starting point in the negotiations, after which an agreement is possible to open the road movement.