Baku: responsibility for departure of Armenian residents from territories of Azerbaijan lies with Armenia and separatist regime

The responsibility for the departure of the Armenian residents from the territories of Azerbaijan lies in Armenia and the separatist regime, which obeyed it.

This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Jaykhun Bayramov at a meeting with the general secretary of the OSCE Helga Schmid in Skopier.

The Minister emphasized the importance of multilateral platforms, including the OSCE in compliance with the fundamental provisions of international law, including such basic principles as territorial integrity and sovereignty, as well as protecting these principles.

The meeting considered the realities that arose in the region in the post -conflict period, the restoration of the Azerbaijani territories freed from the occupation, and the gradual return of forced immigrants to them, the mine threats as the largest obstacle to rehabilitation and return, as well as Baku’s effort to promotion of the peace process.

Bayramov informed the interlocutor about 24-hour anti-terrorist events held in September by Azerbaijan against the backdrop of Armenia’s refusal, contrary to her obligations, to withdraw his armed forces from Karabach.

The Minister noted the inadmissibility of the application of double standards and the electoral approach in relation to the basic principles of international law, such as territorial integrity and restoration of sovereignty.

The Foreign Minister referred to representatives of international organizations, who emphasized that under anti -terrorist events there was no violence against the civilian population, and as for the departure of the Armenian residents from Karabakh, the responsibility for this laid down on Armenia and the criminal regime controlled by it, which acted in Karabakh.

During the meeting, an exchange of views on the main areas of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the OSCE, the challenges that this organization is currently faced, as well as issues of regional and international security.